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6061 Commerce Court
Garden City, GA 31408
Phone 866.292.4043
Fax 813.418.8902

The Savannah Terminal offers empty & loaded handling, cleaning, heating, pressure & statutory testing, modification, empty & loaded storage, and even full refurbishment of 20′ ISO Tank Containers. All work is performed by trained mechanics, employing the latest techniques and instruments so even the most rigid quality standards are met. For additional information, please contact Nicky Macheca, Director Depot Operations.

The Savannah Terminal also offers local and long haul trucking of 20′ ISO Tank Containers within the 48 contiguous states. With the goal of satisfying the specific requirements of each customer and plant, our professional drivers and dispatchers operate in tandem around the clock. For additional information, please contact¬†Nicky Macheca, Director Depot Operations.

All Savannah customer service issues should be directed to Customer Service.

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